Before we begin, a very Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, my brother-in-law, my brother Jack who becomes a Dad for the first time next month, and all the other guys I know who have been setting great examples for men everywhere.


The weather was gorgeous and there was no shortage of good food, good music, or great activities for the entire family at Troy’s Riverfest yesterday.

The world stage at Riverfest

The only drawback was the sunburn that I got on my face and arms, but other than that it was a great time. The crowd was strong from the onset, and took advantage of all the festivities provided by the city. Kudos to all that helped put on this great event, and shame on you if you missed it.

Troy Mayor Harry Tutunjian was on hand, and was kind enough to say hello and chat even though I yelled at him on Twitter one time. I’m going to take heat for this, but here goes: Harry, for our occasional political and social disagreements, is (in terms of municipal government) the best thing to happen to this city in the last twenty years.

I unfortunately had to duck out before Paula Cole performed, so I neither got to meet her or get her number. Another potential chance at a great romance lost for want of free time. Fortunately, Greg Haymes wrote up a review of the performance for the TU blogs. I do have to add to his review, though, that while the crowd may have been smaller for Paula it certainly was not for the festival as a whole. One of the things that was misleading was the scarcity at times on Monument Square, but that’s because much of the crowd was concentrated on River Street. I could be wrong, but from my personal observation it seemed attendance overall was way up from previous years.

After the jump, more pictures from the event.

The local stage

The Kids' Stage. They were singing "does your hair hang low". Hippies! :)

To get beer, you first buy tickets from Jeff Pirro (@jpirro1 on Twitter)...

...and then get the beer from Theresa (@TheresaJDRFneny on Twitter). Bureaucrats! :)

River Street featured tons of art vendors and a magic show.

The early crowd

Some of the artwork available from the vendors.

My friend Adrienne met me downtown with her adorable 8-month-old, Adam. He's a total ham - the moment he sees a phone flip open or a camera, he strikes a pose and smiles. Seriously.

Some of the street chalk artwork: James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Jimmy Ray (just kidding, it's Elvis)

The Babe.

Some of the kids' artwork. Great job, guys!

The Troy Fire Department helped kids cool off.


3 Responses to Troy’s Riverfest 2010

  1. MUB says:

    How great was that sprinkler for the kids!!

  2. Rich R says:

    Thanks for sharing the Festival Photos. I thought the Pokemon Bulbasaur chalk drawing was fantastic and was going to win the childrens category.

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