(tie) Gov. David Paterson & State Sen. Pedro Espada

First, the man who may go down as the worst Governor in our lifetime. Look, not every problem in the State was his fault, but he also didn’t do much to make it better. Despite coming in with the hopes of New York behind him, Paterson bungled every opportunity to foster good will and lived high on the hog on the State dime, all while surrounding himself with woefully inept advisors. Paterson wasn’t just a victim of circumstance; he was also afflicted with an insurmountable case of hubris, which we self-medicated with a rock star lifestyle he’s openly said he’ll miss.

The other man, Pedro Espada? What more needs to be said. He’s like a cartoon caricature of a corrupt politician, with all the earnestness of Boss Tweed except without the charisma.


Capitol Confidential

Informative, yes. Thorough…well, most of the time. What really makes this blog, though, is when contributors Jimmy Vielkind and Casey Seiler play straight man to the bumbling, buffoonish, and insecure man-children that run roughshod through Albany politics. It’s like old Vaudeville, except the men on the stage don’t always know they’re producing great comedy.


Crime Confidential

Some of the rants and insults that come off the keyboards of these readers almost overshadows the crimes and tragedies reported on in the blog. Seriously, what the Hell is wrong with you people?


Sean Rowe signed to Anti-

Honestly, I think people wanted the Sirsy signing to Funzalo Records (a label out of  Tuczon, Arizona that doesn’t even have its own Wikipedia entry) to be bigger news than it was. Rowe’s labelmates are Tom Waits, Neko Case, Billy Bragg, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Eddie Izzard, Michael Franti, Nick Cave, Galactic, the late Elliott Smith…the list goes on. Comparatively, Funzalo only has a handful of bands signed, none of which seem to have any meaningful notoriety yet. From what I hear, Sirsy are good people. But Sean Rowe’s signing is much, much bigger news in the grand scheme of things and will bring him much more notoriety in both mainstream exposure and creative legitimacy. The fact that people are still talking about Sirsy and naming it as the biggest signing in 2010 says that people covering the local music scene are either out of touch or there’s a bit of nepotism going on.



Listen, Delmar. I know a couple of your residents, and some of you are good people. But God damnit, you get worked up over the most mundane crap. Your outrage drives hits and traffic, but do you realize what residents of Albany, Schenectady and Troy – who deal with real municipal and criminal problems – think of your phony outrage and anonymous name-calling on the internet? For shame.


“Gay Sex Agenda”

CLICK HERE and read the second comment. I wish I could say that this is somebody trying to be funny, but sadly no. He’s very, very real.


(tie) Joey Milanese & Caden Marshall



16 Responses to More 2010 Awards

  1. Em says:

    Ahhahahaha your comment on the CapCon link is fantastic :D

  2. Rob Madeo says:

    I’d call Crime Confidential a cesspool, but that would be insulting to cesspools.

  3. Freddie Dunn says:

    Maybe us Delmations need to import some Trojans. But then I hope you mean the commenters, not the authors.

    I guess any press is better than none.

  4. Teri Conroy says:

    The Delmar note was funny!

  5. CV says:

    Yes, yes, and hell yes to the Sean Rowe signed to Anti- piece. Don’t get me wrong–I am all for Sirsy but…hello?? A bit of credit where credit is due, please, Albany. Glad someone has the gall to recognize the “bit of nepotism going on”. Cheers, Kevin.

  6. Kare says:

    Sirsy has been offered and has declined record deals in the past. They chose Funzalo for many reasons. Reasons that are clearly stated on their website and communicated to their fans. Congrats to Sirsy on their record deal and for staying true to themselves, their music, and their fans.
    Also, a big congrats to Sean Rowe AND Phantogram. There is a lot of great music in this area and we should be celebrating it. You could have brought attention to Sean’s record deal without disrespecting Sirsy. Shame on you. Ever hear of Jules Shear? Perhaps it’s you that is out of touch.  

  7. Bethani McCauslin says:

    The award to Delmar is SO TRUE. I’m a former Delmar resident and can vouch completely for them getting worked up over mundane crap…But the biggest music news should be the Beatles music finally being available on iTunes!!!!

  8. Kare – The statement wasn’t about Sirsy, but about the inordinate amount of coverage given to them over Sean Rowe. For websites to continue to have and feature them on their big year-end splashes and then throw in only a passive mention to Sean Rowe is ridiculous.

    Look, it’s nice that you and others are friends with them, but all the exaggerated coverage they got and continue to get over this record deal in light of what other people in the area are and/or already have accomplished is misleading at best and, at worse, shameless nepotism and ass-kissing that undermines the potential in this area’s music scene.

  9. Kare says:

    So it’s the band’s fault that they are getting this coverage? It seems that since you couldn’t find Funzalo on Wikipedia it was obviously too much work for you to find out more about them. My guess is you didn’t even look past Funzalo’s home page.
    Look, it’s nice that you are “friends” with Sean Rowe and you are giving him recognition in your blog. Bravo. He deserves more recognition. He’s a great musician. Tearing down Sirsy’s record deal, label, and hard work is weak. Sirsy deserves the recognition they get. They are very talented and are one of the hardest working bands in the area. Have you even seen them? I normally enjoy your blogs.  It’s irresponsible blogs like this that undermine the potential in this area’s music scene. Call Tom Keyser about your gripes.   

    • I never said it was the band’s fault. That’s you being overly defensive and putting words in my mouth. And trust me, I know all about them. I’ve seen them live many times.

      Your guesses, like your assumptions and mis-readings, are completely off the mark. I’ve never met nor do I know Sean Rowe. Unlike others, I’m calling this from a neutral point of view, and from this standpoint, I can tell you that the coverage is inequitable whether it’s Tom Keyser with the Times Union or anybody else that covers the local music scene.

      How is this blog, or the point I made, irresponsible? To point out that Sirsy got more coverage than Sean Rowe for signing to a lesser label? Or would you prefer that I do the responsible thing and ignore things like facts and logistics and instead turn a blind eye to the fact that, once again, coverage is being concentrated in the wrong areas?

  10. Kare says:

    .” But Sean Rowe’s signing is much, much bigger news in the grand scheme of things and will bring him much more notoriety in both mainstream exposure and creative legitimacy.” This is not fact…it’s an assumption. An irresponsible one at that.
    Funny how you can assume anyone who defends Sirsy is a friend of the band
    but you get your underoos in a wad when I suggest Sean is your friend.

    • Yes, it is a fact that ANTI- is a larger label with a wider scope and more exposure than Funzola. Sorry, but that’s just the reality of the situation.

      And I didn’t assume. I knew.

  11. EZ says:

    Worst readers/commenters should also go to the Tea Party blog.

    • EZ – Worth noting that we can give it to both sides of the spectrum that comments there. Gad zooks.

      I almost did give it to them, but the level of shamelessness shown at the Crime Confidential blog in light of the sensitive nature of some of the topics edged them out.

  12. KARE says:

    Wow, the great Kevy knows all. Have fun at the Tea Party blog EZ.

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