The Darker Side of Combat Sports: Gary Goodridge’s CTE Diagnosis and Manny Pacquaio’s Financial Woes

First, from Ben Fowlkes of comes the tragic story of MMA and kickboxing legend Gary Goodridge’s recent diagnosis: “When talking to him on the phone, his speech was becoming slurred,” said Mike Mobbs, who’s counted Goodridge as his best friend since the two were nine years old, growing up … Continue reading

Alistair Overeem and the Heavyweight Division: The Right Direction for Strikeforce?

Update: Scott Coker has announced that Strikeforce will be independently testing all fighters on tonight’s card because “it’s the only fair thing to do.” Uh-oh. This Saturday night is the “Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery” show from St. Louis, Missouri, headlined by that other heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem taking on Fedor’s most … Continue reading

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