Kevin Marshall is a comedian, writer, and producer for digital, social, and television operating out of New York, NY.

Originally hailing from the Albany area, which is most famous for being given the perplexing designation of “Volvo-land” in an episode of “Law & Order,” Kevin spent much of his late 20s performing as a theatrical actor, emcee, host, and stand-up comedian. In his first year of comedy he landed third in a poll by Metroland of best local comedians and was featured at venues throughout the area and beyond. He even got paid for most of them. Fancy that!

Kevin’s freelance writing credits during this time included the Albany Times Union,, and His work garnered attention from publications and websites such as The Smithsonian, The Atlantic, and New York Magazine. He also covered boxing and MMA events for the Knick Ledger and composed editorial content for Spike’s “MMA Uncensored Live.”

After making the move out of “Volvo-land” (he’s still not sure what the Hell that means), Kevin wrote on-air segments and interstitial programs for Spike TV before joining WWE as a member of the Creative team. He’s since returned to Spike, soon to become the Paramount Network, as a producer of social and digital content, working on shows including but not limited to “Lip Sync Battle,” “The Mist,” and “Heathers.”

His favorite color is red, and in his free time, he enjoys writing website bios in the third person.


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