Joe Silva Goes all Heel GM and Makes Quinton Jackson fight Glover Texeira

The final fight on Quinton Jackson’s UFC contract will be against none other than Glover Teixeira at UFC 153 in Brazil.

Teixeira, you may remember, is the dangerous rising Light Heavyweight who was offered to Mauricio “Shogun” Rua as a replacement for Thiago Silva. Rua infamously declined the fight by telling Dana White that he would rather quit the UFC than fight Teixeira.

The difficulty in booking Teixeira is that he has a reputation as a killer, but is entering a UFC Light Heavyweight division filled with skilled veterans who are not keen on the idea of fighting a young, dangerous fighter with no name recognition. If you beat him, you get a victory over a tough fighter very few people have heard of; lose and you lose to somebody who could be a star down the line but right now is a nobody.

Enter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Jackson has been trying for the last six months to talk his way out of his UFC contract, airing his grievances despite the fact that it’s the same company that somehow managed to protect him and keep him from becoming a social pariah after an extended manic episode a couple years back that concluded with a vehicular rampage (no pun intended).

For his ingratitude, Joe Silva went all heel WWE General Manager on him and is making him fight Teixeira. If Jackson has or had any objections, he hasn’t let them be known. However, Dave Meltzer recently stated that Jackson literally isn’t following the sport at all and likely doesn’t even know who Teixeira is or why he should have any reservations about the fight, so take that for what you will.

Teixeira holds a record of 18-2 with 16 wins coming by knockout or submission. His current win streak goes all the way back to March of 2005, but has yet to face a Top 10 fighter in his career. Jackson is coming off back to back losses to Jon Jones and Ryan Bader, and likely has already mentally checked out of the fight game.

Part of me is wondering if Jackson will even bother showing up for this fight. I say that figuratively, but I wouldn’t exactly fall out of my chair if that literally went down either.


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