In and out of the ring, Shannon Miller willing to give it all

From Michael Rivest:

It made noise a year ago, no doubt about it. But not enough, if you ask me. Troy heavyweight Shannon Miller (17-5, 9 KOs ), husband and father of two young children, and a local star already cemented in people’s minds as a tough dude with nothing to prove and everything to live for, decided to risk that life by donating half of his liver to save his Uncle Ray.

Despite Miller’s heroism, Uncle Ray died last Thursday. The cancer had spread to his lungs. “I only wish I could have done more,” said Miller.

More? More than give away a piece of your body? “Well, what if I had moved on it sooner, maybe the cancer wouldn’t have spread,”  he said.

read more over at the Troy Record

My condolences to Shannon, Shawn, and the entire Miller family. Both Miller brothers will compete at the March 10th Ares Promotions fight card at the Egg.

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