A different direction for Mixed Marshall Arts

Hey all!

This blog’s going to be relaunched, in a sense, fairly soon. In other words there will be posts again.

I think I’m going to take a different approach, however. Rather than try to make every single post a super-serious meditation on MMA, it’s going to be a bit lighter. Sure, there’ll be serious content, but I also want to take a lighter approach to show just how fun all this stuff can be, even in the face of the more frustrating occurrences (i.e. Allistair Overeem testing positive with a T/E ratio of FOURTEEN TO ONE).

I’ve also been watching more wrestling lately and been as frustrated as ever, so we’ll be exploring that and how it’s sort of like going back to a bad girlfriend.

Additionally, as already established, there’ll be some boxing.

In other words, “Mixed Marshall Arts” is going to be an even heavier play on words with more emphasis on the “Mixed.” MMA, boxing, and pro wrestling: because whether you’re on or off the ground, real or fake, the shit’s just fun.

Keep an eye on this space. Look forward to updating it!

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