It’s Time for Jim Lampley’s Ridiculous Goddamn Glasses of the Week

Chad Dawson just defeated Bernard Hopkins by majority decision to win the Ring Magazine WBC Light Heavyweight Championship. The fight was every bit as uneventful as we expected it to be, with Hopkins’ offensive highlights coming from a headbutt that opened up Dawson early in the fight and a takedown in the 11th, both illegal and unintentional. With all due respect, Hopkins had a Hell of a career and a great run the last couple years, but it’s time to hang them up.

More importantly, though, it’s time to look at Jim Lampley’s Ridiculous Glasses of the Week:

Check out those frames, clearly an ode to the offended concierge in “This is Spinal Tap!”.

He’s really become the Charles Nelson Reilly of boxing. Well, except for the entertainment value.

  • Slappy

    What brand or make are this glasses? I can’t seem to find the info anywhere … want to know for real…

    • kevinmarshall

      I have no idea and I’m turning up nothing. Gonna continue poking around and if I find anything I’ll let you know.

      It’s likely, however, that these glasses are no longer made (since they look like he grave-robbed Charles Nelson Reilly).

      • paul r

        kevin, did you ever find out who makes jim lampley’s frames? i want to buy a pair.

  • John Lathrop

    are those just frames? It doesn’t look like there is any lense.

  • Precise
  • rude

    these aren’t the dita oxford collection. jim’s are grey. can someone send me a link to the exact model that jim is wearing in this foto?

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