The new UFC on FOX ad and MMA’s biggest test yet

As a fan of fights, I’m excited. As a booster of the sport, I’m excited.

This is going to be a big litmus test for MMA going forward as a mainstream sport. Bumpers and plugs have been airing throughout the MLB playoffs and NFL games on Fox.

That’s a potentially bigger audience than UFC’s ever had.

In spite of its early bare-knuckle days (if that reads as familiar see also: boxing), it has finally achieved some acceptance, including being legal in all but a small number of states, one of them being New York. But if the UFC is looking at November 12th as an accomplishment, they’re wrong. Even though it’s made some strides, MMA is still seen by the mainstream sports media as a fringe freak show, rather than a respected combat sport.

November 12th isn’t the night that the UFC can say they’ve finally made it. It’s actually their biggest test. How that number shapes up will influence everything going forward.

As for the fight, I have Velasquez.

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