And your new “The Ultimate Fighter” coaches are…

…Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson. Intriguing choices, particularly the latter. Dana White has always had a contentious relationship with Nelson and has been critical of his weight, attitude, regiment, and general philosophy to not only the fight game but how a fighter should train and prepare for fights. One moment … Continue reading

Why Dana White is right to decline Jon Jones’s offer to fight a Top 10 Heavyweight

Jon Jones was on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and revealed that he offered to jump to Heavyweight for a Superfight against a top 10 fighter in late 2012, sort of like what they did a couple years back when Anderson Silva moved up to Light Heavyweight and destroyed … Continue reading

Double standard or inevitable? Miguel Torres fired after tweeting (yet another) rape joke

Miguel Torres was publicly fired by Dana White yesterday after White was blindsided by “Outside the Lines” host Michael Landsberg about an offensive rape joke that Torres posted to his Twitter account earlier in the day. The tweet, which was originally said to be a reference to an episode of … Continue reading

UFC Flyweight Division to be announced this weekend

According to, Dana White is set to announce this weekend at UFC 140 that the Flyweight class (116 pounds to 125 pounds) is coming to the UFC. The move comes a little over a year after the UFC officially absorbed the WEC’s talent roster, establishing the UFC Bantamweight (135) … Continue reading

Why the winner of Ben Henderson vs. Clay Guida may not determine a #1 contender

Ever since it was announced that Clay Guida would face former WEC Lightweight champion Ben Henderson on the undercard of the first UFC on Fox event (Saturday, November 12th), speculations and assumptions have built towards an inevitable conclusion: the winner would be #1 contender to the UFC Lightweight title. Not … Continue reading

Not content with insulting boxers, Larry Merchant sets his sights on MMA

Larry Merchant has rightfully taken a lot of heat for his comments and behavior during his interview with Floyd Mayweather after the Mayweather/Ortiz debacle from two weeks ago. For those who need a refresher: Say what you want about Floyd being overly emotional or overreacting, but as a member of … Continue reading

Mathematic Martial Arts: Why Stats Don’t Tell the Whole Story of Penn/Edgar

After watching Frankie Edgar score a huge upset on Saturday afternoon in Abu Dhabi, I had three reactions. Although I’d turn the corner on my stance due to his last two performances, my suspicions have been confirmed that BJ Penn isn’t the same unstoppable force of nature that guys like … Continue reading

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