Luke Rockhold to defend against Keith Jardine: is it time to get rid of the Strikeforce Middleweight Title?

Last night it was reported that Strikeforce Middleweight champion Luke Rockhold will defend his title against “The Dean of Mean” Keith Jardine on Saturday, January 7th. The news was met online with an avalanche of ellipses and “wait, what?” Rockhold won the Middleweight title from Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza in September. … Continue reading

Monday Fallout: Silva/Le stoppage at UFC 139 wasn’t questionable, but Cung Le’s judgement was

Le took literally the beating of his life this past Saturday night, and it was totally avoidable.

 I’ve read both ire and praise directed towards Joe Rogan after he vehemently criticized the stoppage in the second round of Saturday’s fight between Wanderlei Silva and Cung Le.  Surely, Rogan has been around long enough to know better than hugging your opponent’s calves with your face on the mat … Continue reading

Alistair Overeem and the Heavyweight Division: The Right Direction for Strikeforce?

Update: Scott Coker has announced that Strikeforce will be independently testing all fighters on tonight’s card because “it’s the only fair thing to do.” Uh-oh. This Saturday night is the “Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery” show from St. Louis, Missouri, headlined by that other heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem taking on Fedor’s most … Continue reading

The Plight & Future of Women’s MMA

Yesterday (March 8th) was International Women’s Day. Originally established in 1909 by the Socialist Worker’s Party in the United States, the holiday has evolved into a widespread day of celebration for the accomplishments of women and observance of the struggles women face both at home and abroad. Although we have … Continue reading

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