Did Ben Henderson do enough to warrant the decision over Frankie Edgar? (and other UFC 144 reactions)

If you missed UFC 143 live from Tokyo last Saturday…man. Man oh man. Sure, Shields and Akiyama was a disappointing affair, mostly due to Jake’s stubborn refusal to work on his boxing (and that’s coming from a guy who’s actually one of his frequent defenders), but the rest of the … Continue reading

UFC on FOX this Saturday: satisfaction guaranteed


Joe Silva and Dana White are smart men. For their first fight on network television, they’ve chosen a bout that is all but guaranteed to be entertaining. As Mike Chiapetta notes over at MMAFighting.com: The success of both starts with offense. Both men are among the most prolific offensive heavyweights … Continue reading

Why the winner of Ben Henderson vs. Clay Guida may not determine a #1 contender

Ever since it was announced that Clay Guida would face former WEC Lightweight champion Ben Henderson on the undercard of the first UFC on Fox event (Saturday, November 12th), speculations and assumptions have built towards an inevitable conclusion: the winner would be #1 contender to the UFC Lightweight title. Not … Continue reading

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