Future Endeavor Friday: Kenny Florian Retires, Floyd Mayweather Goes to Jail, Randy Orton Suspended


Kenny Florian has officially announced his retirement from the sport, citing a lingering back injury. Florian, as I mention in today’s article for Spike MMA & Sports (coming later today), is one of those fighters who has plenty of reasons not to get punched in the face for a living. He’s a … Continue reading

Contenders Wait in the Wings, Mayweather’s Victory Makes Pacquaio Fight Less Likely, and…Bieber?!


Firstly, apologies in advance if there isn’t much up on the blog this week. As y’all probably already know, I have a fight this weekend. As for last weekend, the UFC on Fox and Mayweather/Cotto both competed with my show at Comic Syndrome in downtown Albany. Needless to say, both beat … Continue reading

Not content with insulting boxers, Larry Merchant sets his sights on MMA

Larry Merchant has rightfully taken a lot of heat for his comments and behavior during his interview with Floyd Mayweather after the Mayweather/Ortiz debacle from two weeks ago. For those who need a refresher: Say what you want about Floyd being overly emotional or overreacting, but as a member of … Continue reading

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