Future Endeavor Friday: Kenny Florian Retires, Floyd Mayweather Goes to Jail, Randy Orton Suspended


Kenny Florian has officially announced his retirement from the sport, citing a lingering back injury. Florian, as I mention in today’s article for Spike MMA & Sports (coming later today), is one of those fighters who has plenty of reasons not to get punched in the face for a living. He’s a … Continue reading

UFC 136 Reaction: Frankie Edgar provides The Answer, Jose Aldo undersold, Chael Sonnen clowns the press and more

FRANKIE EDGAR: ANSWERED I’ve been on the Edgar bandwagon since he debuted in the UFC in that great fight with Tyson Griffin, and I’m glad to see him evolve into the fighter I knew he’d become. His survival of Maynard’s first-round onslaught is now the stuff of legend, and his … Continue reading

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