UFC on Fox 2: fights let down fans while the network lets down its affiliates

  PREVIOUSLY: UFC on Fox 2 Preview The second installment of the UFC on Fox delivered with some exciting fights, memorable finishes, and one of the better Lightweight fights of the past month between Evan Dunham and Nik Lentz. Too bad all of that was in the preliminaries. The reactions I … Continue reading

Is Anderson Silva really injured, ducking fights, or is he just bored?

Chael Sonnen is convinced that Anderson Silva is afraid of a rematch. He tells people that, in his mind, he won that fight and that he’s the true Middleweight Champion. It’s easy to dismiss that coming from Chael, though, because the guy’s a buffoon, a cartoon character, and a convicted … Continue reading

5 things MMA fans have to be thankful for this holiday season

With Turkey Day upon us, it’s time for us to count our blessings and give our thanks for all that’s right with the world of MMA. ***** Tom Lawlor’s entrances Last Saturday, Lawlor fought in the last Facebook prelim against Middleweight phenom Chris Weidman. He lost (Weidman is on a … Continue reading

UFC 136 Reaction: Frankie Edgar provides The Answer, Jose Aldo undersold, Chael Sonnen clowns the press and more

FRANKIE EDGAR: ANSWERED I’ve been on the Edgar bandwagon since he debuted in the UFC in that great fight with Tyson Griffin, and I’m glad to see him evolve into the fighter I knew he’d become. His survival of Maynard’s first-round onslaught is now the stuff of legend, and his … Continue reading

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