Video: hear the best live crowd for a UFC live event ever at UFC 142

Those of you who follow me on Twitter most likely saw me rave about the UFC 142 fight card from Rio and the intensity the crowd gave that event. In the days following, I’d read and heard from people there that said the crowd must have been poorly mic’ed because the crowd noise was deafening at times.

They were right. As shown in this video, the crowd was very much a part of this fight from beginning to end. Check out their chanting and singing for Jose Aldo, which gave me chills. It makes that moment where he runs into the crowd even more special. What a moment.


That night, without even knowing that the crowd was even louder and more enthusiastic than I’d been lead to believe from the broadcast, I expressed the sentiment that Brazilian fans are quite possibly my favorite sports fans. This video just cemented that.

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