ARES Fight Night IX Card Change; Cage Wars 13 will be the Capital Region’s 1st Ever MMA Event

Five Guys Fighting announced on its Facebook page that it will be putting on a full MMA event in August, the first of its kind in the Capital Region.

They’re taking advantage of a loophole that New York State unveiled last January after it was sued by the UFC that allows amateur MMA bouts.

Cage Wars 13 is currently scheduled to go down August 11th. The time, venue, and ticket information has not yet been released.


And on a boxing note, don’t forget that next Saturday, June 16th is ARES Fight Night IX at The Egg. Doors open at 7pm and tickets are $40.

The card includes:

  • Markus Williams (9-2, 1KO) vs. Wilkins Santiago (6-0, 1KO)
  • Sarah Kuhn (4-2-1, 1 KO) vs. Adelita Irizarry (8-5, 2 KOs)
  • Javy Martinez (3-0, 1 KO) vs. Jeff Lentz (2-0)
  • Shawn Miller (7-1-1, 4KO) vs. TBA


Shawn Miller has an opponent but I didn’t get the name. The Commission wouldn’t approve his original opponent, undefeated Super Middleweight Lane Staal (8-0). The move surprised both camps, who had agreed to a catchweight bout. What makes the decision even stranger and more infuriating for both fighters is that Staal has fought and defeated two other fighters above that weight, including making his pro debut against a fighter who weighed in at 172.

Sarah Kuhn‘s opponent has a really, really impressive resume. Should be a good fight.

Mikey Faragon was scheduled to be on this card but had to pull out due to an injury.

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