The Darker Side of Combat Sports: Gary Goodridge’s CTE Diagnosis and Manny Pacquaio’s Financial Woes

First, from Ben Fowlkes of comes the tragic story of MMA and kickboxing legend Gary Goodridge’s recent diagnosis: “When talking to him on the phone, his speech was becoming slurred,” said Mike Mobbs, who’s counted Goodridge as his best friend since the two were nine years old, growing up … Continue reading

@BenFowlkesMMA on why people count out Frankie Edgar despite his dominance

Ben Fowlkes has a profile of UFC Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, who defends his belt this Saturday in Japan against Ben Henderson, over at MMA The focus is on how everybody seems to underestimate him. According to the oddsmakers, that was true until very recently. The first time Edgar … Continue reading

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