Fallout of the Absurd Pacquaio/Bradley Decision

The judges at ringside: dumber than Jim Lampley's Ridiculous Glasses.

Making the performance of Florida officials on Friday night’s UFC on FX 3 card look competent would be a tall order for any Commission, but the Nevada State Athletic Commission was apparently up for the challenge. In case you don’t know already, last night’s bout between Manny Pacquaio and Tim … Continue reading

Why it would be in Zuffa’s best interests to initiate random drug testing

Just a week after Cris “Cyborg” Santos tested positive for stanazalol, Strikeforce has lost another headliner due to a failed drug test. Earlier this week, the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal had tested positive for another anabolic steroid, drostanolone, the day of the January 7th … Continue reading

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