ARES Fight Night IX coverage for Knick Ledger; new Spike piece on Commissions Killing MMA & Boxing

Two new articles up.

First, for the Knick Ledger:

 Capital Region fighters were successful, though narrowly, at Ares Promotion’s “Fight Night IX” at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center Saturday night. The event was hampered by some last minute changes that took two of its major stars off the card, but still provided some of the most closely contested local bouts in recent memory.

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Near Sweep for Capital Region Fighters as Miller, Kuhn, Williams Victorious at ARES Fight Night IX

And for more thought, see my blog post from late Saturday evening.



And my latest for Spike MMA & Sports on how the previous weekend’s two major fight cards, UFC on FX 3 and Pacquiao vs. Bradley, were indicative of a larger problem in combat sports: Athletic Commission incompetence.

As if the scores weren’t maddening enough, one of [the judges of Pacquiao vs. Bradley] actually tried to redefine what “aggression” means; in short, that it can actually be when a guy is running away. That’s either some very deep Eastern philosophy or, as Inigo Montoya once said, “you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

But the problems with judging isn’t just limited to boxing, and the issue is bigger than just the judging itself.

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Athletic Commission Ineptitude Is Killing Boxing And MMA

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