Trust Me, Alistair Overeem Will Not Fight Anytime in 2012

Alistair Overeem decided for some weird reason to say that he’s fighting in December:

There’s no use in mincing words: this is unmitigated bullshit. The suspension levied by the NSAC ends on December 27th and, similar to the conditional license that was granted for his last fight against Lesnar, he’ll have to submit and pass a drug test when he re-applies.

The UFC is not going to make the mistake of booking him without 100% confidence that he’ll be granted a license, so the idea that he’ll compete on the New Year’s Eve card is hogwash. Lorenzo Fertitta even confirmed as much to ESPN:

That’s speculation. It’s in the NSAC’s hands. (The UFC) can’t be presumptuous.

So I’m not sure why he or any of his people would be under the impression that he’d be able to fight anytime in 2012. The NSAC is not going to give him an early reprieve; they’ve already given in to him too much already. The only thing I can gather is that maybe this gigantic dutchmen who gained something in the neighborhood of fifty pounds of muscle mass in just a few years’ time on top of an already muscular frame and expected us to believe that he did it just by eating horsemeat and who, by the way, decided that getting punched and kicked in the face for a living was a good life decision, is maybe – just maybe – kind of a delusional weirdo.

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