So apparently there’s this Tumblr thing that a lot of you kids are hip to. I’m sure my mentioning it will launch a new venture by the Times Union to have a community of Tumblr posters. We can call it the TUmblr (get it?!). Because you’re dying for a stream of amusing pictures and Nickelback song lyrics from your favorite local newscasters.

As much as I admit ignorance to this whole Tumblr thing, I came across one today that’s pretty damn funny: Bearsharktopus-Man, the Tumblr page of comic writer/artist Dean Trippe. He’s started a photoshopped series of pictures titled “Obama Looking at Awesome Things,” and he kicks it off righteously with the following:

"Health care, health care, HEALTH CARE REFORM! HOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Please choose pun most appropriate to your tastes:

1. So THAT’S how Health Care Reform got passed!

2. There he goes again, getting all fiscally irresponsible and dumping money into an unsustainable Sword of Omens  program. Socialist.

3. Yes, this means John McCain is Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living.

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2 Responses to Obama and the Sword of Omens

  1. LV says:

    I MUST have this for my coffee table.

  2. I still like the one from a week or so ago that said “Republicans turned off by size of Obama’s package”. So, him holding a large sword fits right in with that.

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