You’ll want to watch “Eddie Murphy: One Night Only” when it premieres tonight at 10/9c on Spike.

One of my earliest memories associated with comedy is Eddie Murphy’s run on Saturday Night Live, including but not limited to the legendary “Mr. Rogers” and “Buckwheat” skits. In later years I would revisit this work and I was astounded at how well it all held up, particularly against the rest of the stuff being offered at the time. By and large, sketch comedy doesn’t age well. The pressures of producing weekly episodic television creates a sort of hyper-relevance that makes a show aired six months ago seem dated, particularly when a writing staff might be overworked and/or not quite up to snuff. The modern SNL has been the worst of it, where they have skits that literally just re-enact things they saw in the news.

Yet Eddie’s work was and remains timeless, his character work impeccable, and some of his stuff so esoteric – for example his portrayal of Gumby as an old Borscht Belt comedian bitter over being forced to play a sickeningly sweet character whenever the cameras were on – that it defies context.

I wrote more about Eddie’s versatility here:

The Many Faces of Eddie Murphy

Why do I keep calling him Eddie? I don’t know the man. I don’t even feel like I know the man. But for people in my and my siblings’ age groups, I think we all know him as Eddie.

Which is why I’ve been so happy with this assignment. Even though it’s just writing pieces for’s Eddie Murphy: One Night Only subsite and creating animated gifs for the Spike Tumblr, it’s been a true freaking honor to assist – even in some small way – in promoting this special.

I got to watch the special over the past couple days and I can attest to the fact that it’s damn good, and that all involved should be proud of what came out. Eddie in particular should be especially proud, particularly given what guys like Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, and others had to say about what he meant to them and so many others in comedy.

Anyway, make sure you go to Laughs on Lark tonight in Albany, NY at Elda’s on Lark – the show starts at 8pm and is only $5. I’m one of the performers and also am a regular co-host and co-producer. You’ll get more funny for less money, and definitely be home in time to catch the premiere of Eddie Murphy: One Night Only at 10pm (with a replay at midnight) on Spike.

What? I’m shameless, okay?


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