You’ll notice that this blog has been…well, sparse as of late. Mostly I just use it to remind people that I’ll be performing stand-up comedy, such as TOMORROW NIGHT!

Boo-yah! Gotcha. You can’t escape that shit. I’m too quick. I’m like a self-promoting comedy cat, springing out at you when you least expect it. You are a mouse in my jaws. Come out tomorrow night or I’ll tear you apart.

Anyway, here’s everything I’ve been working on, since people keep asking me to send them the links of the stuff I’ve been writing as if I somehow don’t have all this fucking work to do and because they can’t use Google, or poke around Spike.com for five minutes. I’m not bitter, honest. I’m just really hot in this office and cranky and on the man rag.

Also, if you’re on Tumblr, take a peak at KEVIN MARSHALL vs. THE INTERNET, which is for all intents and purposes my main blog now.

Also, do you follow the All Access Weekly and Spike TV Tumblr blogs? If you do, THAT’S ME, SUCKAS! Surprise again!

So here’s the articles. Please note that this doesn’t include stuff like me covering the releases of the iPad Mini, Call of Duty, Halo 4, etcetera and so on that are more time-specific/spec listings.


Articles for Eddie Murphy: One Night Only (premiering tomorrow night at 10/9c on Spike):

For All Access Weekly:


My Editorials for MMA Uncensored Live:


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