Ah, sweet relief.

Now that the play (and my acting “career”) is over, I have my social life back. I can look forward to things like getting people together for the occasional UFC fight card, and every other night saying “you know, I’m just exhausted and would just as rather stay in.”

Yes, it’ll be great to get my social life back. I’m such a rock star.

And just in time, too, since “Lost” aired its finale and now I don’t have to sit around a table and stare blankly at everyone while they talk about smoke monsters and parallel universes and all that other stuff. No longer will people make a joke about Jack and Hurley, followed by me saying “ha! Yeah, did you see ‘Treme’ this week? I nearly gave Big Chief a standing ovation when he told the Councilman’s assistant to stick that FEMA trailer where the sun don’t shine.” Cue blank stares.

Someone asked me, what’re you going to do with all this free time? To which I half-jokingly responded “what free time?” But in all seriousness, what am I going to do to occupy all those long nights?

  • Write a play. I’ve set a deadline for myself to finish my first full-length by July 15th. Then I just have to find out what paperwork I fill out to be eligible for a Pulitzer.
  • Get back to my gym routine, which was a minimum of 4-6 times a week before all this play nonsense started.
  •  Read no less than four books by the end of August. It’s really shameful how little leisure reading I’ve done over the course of the last couple years. I blame the internet for distracting me and making me dumber. Yes.
  • Go and see a concert. Hopefully someone’s playing locally that I actually care enough about to pay money and invest time in seeing.
  •  Have an actual date at some point. You know, one that might actually lead somewhere. And no, I won’t blog about it. Sorry.

 So what’re your big Summer plans?


19 Responses to Things to Do This Summer

  1. Ski says:

    You’re a dork if you’re quitting acting because you disappointed yourself. But I’m going to leave that between you and the stage.

    I’m planning a trip to Cooperstown! If I’ve ever been, I was quite little. And to save money, I’m going to camp!

  2. I’m going to see Flava Flav at Alive at Five!

  3. Now CUT THAT OUT, Michael! :)

  4. Kacey Bruce says:

    Things to add to your list: skydive, dance party and travel! Woot.

  5. Lauren says:

    Wow. How much of a dork am I? I read nearly a book per week, or at least 1.5 weeks. I read before bed usually every night. I is hard to find time some days, but I MAKE every effort to embrace my bookiness. I wish I was that dedicated to my work out, but I’m improving. Summer plans sound fun and good luck on your non blogworthy date!

  6. RoxyC says:

    I’m going to my camp on Lake Champlain, going to Maine, Going to NYC. Yeah, I’d like to read too but somehow never finish the books.

  7. Em says:

    I plan on opening a televangelist church so that I have yet another excuse to slap people enthusiastically upside the head and have them thank me for it.
    Either that or drag rubber movie prop appendages(severed arms, legs, etc.) through the dog park at Washington on a leash.

  8. Teri Conroy says:

    I think you need to add Llama Barn time to your ‘to do’ list. Lori Van Buren edits her work photos in there sometimes (it’s got seriously amazing atmosphere), and I’ve had a couple Cupid’s arrows shot in there too. All kinds o’ singles at them thar Llama Walks. You just never know what kind of magic you’ll encounter. And maybe none…you won’t know until you have a visit. I’d say drag blogboss, but he’s such a pansy, he’s afraid to get his hands dirty.
    Maybe…it’s a good place to work on writing that play….

  9. HopeFul says:

    Lauren – I’m with you. A day without reading is like…well you know. I read during my lunch break and while waiting for carpool. Your favorite types of books?

    Thanks to Kevin’s blog, I’ll be helping turn my son into a major league baseball pitcher!!! Kevin’s readers have recommended great pitching coaches for my son (wanted to thank you last Tuesday at Dale Miller, but didn’t have the chance) and he is on his way!! It’s amazing what a difference a professional can make. Thank you all!!

  10. chris says:

    MOE.Down at Herkimer early September (3-5). It is without a doubt the concert to see locally, outside of SPAC. Gelsten Castle Estates is the venue and the performers include The Black Keys, Built to Spill, Lynch, Tortoise, The Brew, Ryan Montbleau Band, and of course MOE.

  11. Eric says:

    Does Confetti Stage have a call for submissions for their short play festival? Has the deadline already passed?

  12. KatieBucks says:

    To add to your summer to do list: trip up to the Adirondacks for fabulous Fourth of July fun! Ok, I just cringed at my own corny alliteration, but I promise it will be awesome! And there will probably even be time to sit on the dock in the sunshine and read.

    ugh, getting back to the gym… I really should get on that too. Except that I am totally getting sick from post-production (and cast party) exhaustion.

    Oh, and as I’ve been telling everyone who will listen, if you’re looking for a good book you should read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

  13. Mark says:

    Just as a side note to all the Flava Flav stuff.. he & Chuck D will be in the area… FOR REAL, on Tuesday August 10th.. as good old Public Enemy strolls into Northern Lights. Kevin, I think you owe it to not only yourself, but your readers.. to score a pic with Flav.

  14. Kacey (#4) – You know, I’ve always wanted to sky dive. As for dance party, once a month for Troy Night Out. You should come with sometime.

    Lauren (#5) – Don’t self-deprecate! There’s nothing wrong with being well-read.

    RoxyC (#6) – Also been my problem.

    Em (#7) – You have the best. Ideas. Ever.

    Teri (#8) – I have every intention of doing so, and our Blog Czar will be dragged along whether he likes it or not!

    Eric (#11) – The call for submissions ended in February. FTR, I did not submit this year.

    KatieBucks (#12) – Yes, our July 4th will be epic. And great job this weekend.

    Mark (#13) – Keep an eye out for the forthcoming Flava Flav Tracking System

  15. me neither says:

    Flav can be caught at Red Lobster about 6 times a year, since he visits some of his kids who go to school here locally (Maginn I believe). Met him once, and he sang happy birthday to my buddy. Seriously a nice guy, once you look past his ridiculous outfits and clocks. Funny side note, he loves Shirley Temples….. who would have thought?

  16. Michael Huber, timesunion.com says:

    Hey Teri and Kevin, I can’t wait to step in llama poop and pretend it’s some sorta farmer good luck. That’ll make my summer. Eewwww.

  17. Rob Madeo says:

    Sure, you say you won’t blog about your date, but some day you’ll wake up and say, “What am I going to write about today?” That will be the end of that.

  18. fencesitter says:

    Mr. Huber NEEDS to go to Llama land and learn it’s not llama POOP, it’s called llama beans!

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