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Ten Great Filmation Shows (Chuck Miller)

I Smoked Two Cars. How About You? (Davenport Chronicles)

Cyberbullying: Dear ______ (Amanda Talar)

Local Fighters Advance at National P.A.L. Tournament (Boxing in the Capital Region)

The (Troy) Fighting Irish Will Play for the Title (Mark McGuire)

Lifeline for At-Risk Homeowners to Arrive (Albany blog)

Dain Brammage (Roller Derby)

Capital Area Indie Fest This Saturday at the Egg (Funnies)

Yes, we are collegiate (High School)

Alberto Cantador and the “Bovine” Defense (The Bike Blog) The lamest of all excuses I’ve heard thus far for a positive steroid test.

Why Are There No Hipster Bars in Albany? (Daniel Nester)

Trying to Stay Healthy (This is College?!)

Tongue Patch Surgery Makes it Painful to Eat (HealthyLife)

Journey Through the Medical System (Lydia Kulbida) Welcome back, Lydia!

Copyright Trolls (Roger Green)

Why You Should Give Michael Vick a Second Chance (Rev. Alan Rudnick)


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State Bulletin: Punch Me, Paladino! (Metroland)

Ronald McChronic (Indie Albany)

Shows. With Music. That Are Soon. (All Over Albany)

All Over All Over Albany (FUSSYlittleBLOG)

The Origins of Pizza in America (Keyboard Krumbs)

Happy Birthday, Last Vestige! (Nippertown)

To Squat or Not to Squat: A Look at Lark Street’s Bar Bathrooms (26 and Still in College)

The Oldest Material on Earth is at RPI (The Approach)

First Look at the new Troy Food Co-Op (All Over Albany)

Movies & Television

“Glee” Beats Beatles Singles Records on Billboard Hot 100 Charts (TV Squad) A sad day for music.

In Video for “It Gets Better” Project, Tim Gunn Opens Up About His Suicide Attempt (TV Squad)

Featurette/Preview of HBO’s Forthcoming Series “A Game of Thrones” (The Torch Online)


International Wrestling Syndicate closing its doors Sad news for fans of independent pro wrestling. I did alternate DVD commentary for them once, and I’m sad to see them go. For those handful of you North of the border that read this blog, check it out.

Boxing’s Super Six Event Turning Into a Farce (Kevin Iole, Yahoo Sports)

Microsoft Engaging in Sketchy Business Practice with X-Box Live (Complications Ensue)

Is This a Real Letter from Nas to Def Jam? (We Who Are About to Die)

Linda McMahon’s Body Count (The Nation)

URL Shorteners in Peril as Libya Seizes .ly Domain (Gizmodo) Can’t we wage war or something?

What Do You Wear? (Oh, great. You killed the invisible swordsman!)



Insightful, thoughtful, inspirational, and/or straight up pretty stuff from great artists, most of whom I just learned existed in the past week.

Thomas Barbey (photo collage artist)

Hooded Menace (comic, 1950s)

Asger Carlsen’s “Wrong” (photography)

Sergey Brandt (watercolor painting)

Kris Kuksi (sculptures) I’m obsessed with his stuff now.

Miniaturemouse (illustrations) That’s the pseudonym she goes by.

Magnetic Tape Portraits (from Fubiz)

Jan Feindt (illustrations)

Sam Thomas (illustrations)

Kevin Clark’s Big Pictures (All Over Albany article on the artist who does Troy’s murals)

Christopher St. Leger (paintings)

Alex Cherry (illustrations & photo manipulations)



Strikeforce’s Heavyweight Division LOOKS Great, But Where Are the Fights? (CageWriter)

Jason MacDonald Returns to the UFC to Face Rafael Natal (MMAJunkie) So glad to see him back.

Noons’ Camp Not Afraid of Diaz and his “Patty Cake” Style (CageWriter)

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker: “Extra Security” in Place for Noons vs. Diaz II This Weekend (MMAFighting.com) Hype.

Cavalcante is Strikeforce’s Hidden Gem (Dave Meltzer, Yahoo Sports)

UFC Eyeing Shane Carwin vs. Roy Nelson on January 1st (MMA Fighting.com) That’ll be a wicked fun fight.

California Commission to Hear Chael Sonnen’s Drug Test Appeal December 2nd (MMAJunkie)

UFC 123: Rampage vs. Machida Official Full Card (MMAJunkie)

Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader in the Works for 2011 (MMAFighting.com)


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6 Responses to Blogorama – Links & Highlights of the Week

  1. Chuck Miller says:

    Thanks for the blog promotion, Kevin! Gotta love those old Filmation cartoons… the detailed backgrounds, the stilted dialogue, the recycled soundtracks and weird-as-anything voiceover talent…

  2. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Mr. Marshall for occasionally including links from the Local Music blog in the Friday Blogorama.
    Thanks, Mr. Marshall!

  3. Amanda Talar says:

    That picture made me laugh out loud!

  4. Erin – I knew that show was doomed from the moment I saw the marketing for it. Right away it was trying to apologize for itself, saying “it’s not a superhero show!” When a show does that, it’s not that it defies labels and genres, it’s that the show is bad and poorly executed and they want a built-in excuse for it.

    Chuck – Anytime! I love the laughably and unnecessarily long intro for “Isis,” which always feels like it goes ON AND ON. She found an amulet and it gave her powers. BOOM, DONE.

    AG – You’re most welcome!

    AT – And you too!

  5. I didn’t realize you featured my post. Thank you, Kevin!

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