What do they have in common?

ME, baby, ME!

Also, they’re both happening this weekend.

Tomorrow I’l be running the “Race Away Stigma” 5K Walk & Fun Run at HVCC. The race seeks to promote tolerance, understanding, and awareness of mental health issues. More info is HERE.

My expectations are pretty low…the last few weeks have been kind of crappy for training, and I actually didn’t run this week at all. I might not even set  a goal for myself, but it should at least be a good way for me to kick off training for the Troy Turkey Trot in November.

Sunday I’ll be heading to the Albany Comic Con on Wolf Road. A lot of talent will be there, and many local businesses – including Troy-based Aquilonia Comics – will have plenty of great deals on books, merchandise, and more. Plus, comic legend Ron Marz will be on hand.

Perhaps the most intriguing offering – besides the costume contest which is bound to be entertaining to say the least – is the variant edition of Keith Dallas’s “Argonauts” which will feature cover art depicting none other than Nipper.

The show runs from 10:00am until 4:00pm and is only $5, damnit, so check it out! Official website is HERE.


4 Responses to Nipper the Dog Featured in Comic Book; The Race Away Stigma 5K

  1. WHOA! WAIT! A comicon in Albany! I must stop by! I wanted to got to NYC, and ALWAYS wanted to go to San Diego. I may stop by, if just for giggles. :)

  2. Gman says:

    I think somebody in the Capital District (yes, District, dammit, as it was it shall always be) should really think about building a Giant Nipper, like big enough to see five states from or something.

    Great tourist attraction. Climb onto Nipper’s ear, see all the way to Rotterdam and Manchester (hey, there’s the EQX tower!), validate your parking and get some ribs at the Dinosaur.

    If you’re lucky maybe you’ll spot Susan Dey and me having dinner.

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