This Saturday is the 5th Annual Santa Speedo Sprint in Albany in the Lark St./Madison Ave. area. The race itself kicks off at 2:00pm.

The event is held to benefit the Albany Damien Center on South Lake, which is a community center and resource for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

One of our readers is running the race and could use your help raising funds.

I was looking at the number of visitors I have on average and decided to issue a challenge: I want each one of you reading this to donate $5 – just $5, that’s it. Why so little? Because if all of you reading this donate $5, it’ll raise more money than if only a handful of you donated a greater amount.

I’m challenging you all to help meet the $500 goal the reader set. It’s the season of giving, right? Well, let’s show them what the best readers in the local blogosphere can do when they pool their resources together.

So let’s do this, guys. Don’t disappoint me. Shell out five measly bucks and let’s get to $500 before Friday night!



2 Responses to Got $5? Help a Santa Speedo Sprinter Raise Money for the Damien Center

  1. Elphaba says:

    You know, if YOU ran, you would be able to raise that amount in no time!

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