Well, folks, it snowed and we didn’t all drop dead. Which is good. To celebrate our newfound love and zest for life, why not do something different this weekend?

Tonight (Friday): First Friday in Albany. Plenty of free music, food, art galleries, and a lot more. Also, fellow local blogger and reader Alan Ilagan is curating an exhibit at the newly-renamed Pride Center on Hudson Ave. For a full list of events and participants, click here.

Tomorrow (Saturday): The Hellions of Troy vs. The Oz Rollergirls! Go cheer on my homegirls. Starts at 7:00pm at Rollerama. Click here for more info.

This week – Egypt, local music, and passive-aggressive comments from insecure egomaniacs. This…is Blogorama.


WE’RE YOUR SOURCE: This Week on the Times Union Blogs

The Last Throes of a Dictator (Muslim Women)

Schadenfreude and Blogging (Chuck Miller)

Sean Rowe’s “American” Video Released (Arts Talk / Michael Janairo)

The Burden of Being Thin (Amanda Talar)

My Wife’s Top 10 Reasons She Loves Living Here (Daniel Nester)

100 Sled Dogs Killed (Dog-Owned Life)

Try Enforcement, Not 2:00am Last Call (Table Hopping)

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2 Responses to Blogorama: Fizzle and Sludge Edition

  1. Will King says:

    Jim Cantore is awesome and it’s evident in this video, I love Jim Cantore.

    And I got a couple things off my chest here, I Don’t Care, Part 1.

  2. Chuck Miller says:

    Thanks for the listing in blogorama, Kevin – glad you enjoyed the post!

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