A line of students sits in protest, non-violent, and Lieutenant Pike sprays them repeatedly and in excess with what appears to be very potent pepper spray.

When you are an officer of the law in his position, you have a duty and an obligation to maintain peace and civility. His actions, regardless of what you may feel about the political motivations of the protest, act contrary to that goal and instead expose him as a bully.

“Shame on you,” indeed.

But what is more amazing is what happens when you keep watching – or simply go to the six minute mark and watch until the end.

“You can go.”

This is exactly what Ghandi, what King, and what so many others after those great men envisioned: that there would be times where non-violence and purity of heart and intention in large numbers could shine a light that would eliminate the darkness, illuminate the ills, and bring shame to those who would trade civility for convenience.