I somehow missed this last Friday, but caught it when it was posted on Market Block Books’ blog.

Check out the bottom headline:

“It’s possible”

Now, the story itself is actually about Small Business Saturday, a promotion started by American Express to encourage people to visit small businesses in their hometowns. Pretty self-explanatory. Except you wouldn’t know it from the headline, which instead suggests that it’s “possible” to shop in Troy.

If I was interested in a woman and I asked my friend if I had a shot and he said “it’s possible,” most likely it’s just a nice way of saying “hahahahahaha no.”

Aside from the terrible connotation, it’s a poorly written headline and doesn’t even convey what the story inside is about.

Speaking of which, here’s the link to the story itself. An excerpt (WARNING – the Troy Record‘s website has pop-unders):

TROY — ’Twas two days after Thanksgiving and all through the town, shop owners were preparing for customers to pounce. OK, it’s not the classic holiday tale you’re used to, but it is in line with a new tradition that comes from an unlikely source.


Okay, I have to stop there, because if I run down this entire article I’ll simply go mad. Let’s just say that the headline was awful and put forth a very negative connotation and perception, didn’t jive with the article it was referencing, and the article itself was a mess.

Our local paper, ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, I encourage all of you to come to downtown Troy for the Victorian Stroll this Sunday, December 4th. Businesses will be open and there’ll be no shortage of great events and sights to see.

Will you have a good time? It’s possible.

Wait, no, that sounds terrible. Right? It’ll DEFINITELY be a good time. Trust me.

See you downtown!