I expect a lot of debate over whether this guy is crazy or simply playing it. My vote is for the latter. He’s too concise, specific, and absolutely dead on with his use of absurdity as satire for this to be crazy. Particularly the bit about ponies, which is actually almost verbatim the talking points heard for other programs pushed by politicians with a close association with certain special interests.

Well, okay, that might be true and he might still be a little crazy. But whether on purpose or accidental, it’s some of the most brilliant political satire I’ve seen.

NOTE: Randall Terry, seen at the end of the video, disowned his own son for being homosexual.

Watch the video in full. The whole thing is gold.

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One Response to Vermin Supreme for President?

  1. Roz Nella Cucina says:

    This guy’s faking it. The Great NYS Gubernatorial Debate was the best accidental parody ever. 

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