Keep Albany Boring has an open letter from Matt Kelly, who organizes the monthly Laughs on Lark showcase for local and touring comedians:

An Open Letter to The Capital Region and Beyond

Many of you are familiar with, or have come to enjoy our monthly Laughs on Lark Comedy Showcase. We regret to inform you that we will have to cancel this month’s show, scheduled for Wednesday February 8th, our first cancellation since we started 20 months ago. It is not because we need to write new material, though we could use a few fresh jokes, or because of anxiety over the possibility of a Rick Santorum presidency, but because of a proposed Ordinance by the City of Albany regarding audio entertainment within taverns and restaurants. The ambiguity of the bill and the rush to enforce it prior to the Common City Council meeting scheduled to discuss it leave us no option but to pull the plug.

We started the show in August of 2010 in hopes of bringing a breathe of fresh air to the local entertainment community. Modeled after New York City alternative comedy rooms and with a showcase-format we’ve had 35+ different stand-up comedians, improv performers, special guests, and even a magician.

We love this neighborhood and judging by the increasing number of folks in attendance, you like us too. We believe strongly that businesses that promote and nourish local performers should be celebrated and not punished. Culture is what makes our community so spirited and lively, so imposing added restrictions on the shrinking number of establishments who embrace the artistic community is wrong. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to perform for so many of you and we hope to be back as soon as possible.

Matt Kelly & Jaye Mcbride

This comes on the heels of a recent Times Union article about the Hudson River Coffee House and how the city’s bureaucracy and, frankly, overall shitty attitude of its bureaucrats and politicians has made the prospect of owning, opening, and operating a small business something akin to a Rockerfellian vision of Hell.

So much for that friendly community initiative, huh guys?

None of this bullshit going down here in the Collar City, comedy/show organizers. Just sayin’. Come on over and Enjoy Troy.

On an only somewhat related note, the weekly Open Mic hosted by Carliste Carey will be happening as usual WEDNESDAY NIGHT (tomorrow) at Bat Shea’s on Ferry St. in downtown Troy. Signup starts at 7:00pm.

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2 Responses to Laughs on Lark cancelled tonight and other Albany malarkey

  1. R says:

    Let’s see…  Thugs ready to kill you for the few dollars in your wallet, no place to park, predatory tow truck drivers, scary police, overpriced restaurants…just one more reason to stay out of Albany. 

  2. I’ve started a petition opposing this new fee.  Please sign and pass it on! 

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