“In the wake of the KONY 2012 fraud, we believed it was essential that the plight of some 20,000 Ugandans displaced, some murdered by Ugandan troops, be reiterated – in hopes of highlighting the absurdity and double standards being applied by the corporate media, Hollywood, and various mouthpieces throughout Western government in regards to Africa and around the world. Real injustice as well as the real perpetrators must be fully exposed.  There is real genocide being carried out in Africa, and the face of the perpetrator is not merely Joseph Kony and his child-soldiers, it is Museveni and his child soldiers, as well as corporate-fascists like Robert Devereux of the UK who had tens of thousands displaced while making deals to prop up brutal dictators like Museveni. The difference, aside from the vast scale of Museveni’s crimes compared to Kony, is the fact that Museveni gladly serves Western interests, while Kony serves more conveniently as the latest in a long line of “boogeymen” to cover up the ongoing Western plunder of Africa.”   SOURCE

“Uganda’s proximity to the new country of South Sudan is key in the whole equation. So far, for Northern Sudan the LRA has been a convenient, weaponized firewall against Western puppet Museveni. But most of all, this whole area is prime real estate where the fierce battle between China and the Americans/Europeans plays out, centered on oil and minerals, all part of the Great 21st Century African Resource War.

Any student of realpolitik knows the US doesn’t do “humanitarian” interventions per se. Africom’s surge parallels the real name of the game; precious minerals – and mining. Uganda – and nearby eastern Congo – happens to hold fabulous quantities of, among others, diamonds, gold, platinum, copper, cobalt, tin, phosphates, tantalite, magnetite, uranium, iron ore, gypsum, beryllium, bismuth, chromium, lead, lithium, niobium and nickel. Many among these are ultra-precious rare earth – of which China exercises a virtual monopoly.

The mineral rush in Africa is already one of the great resource wars of the 21st century.China is ahead, followed by companies from India, Australia, South Africa and Russia (which, for instance, has set up a fresh gold refinery in Kampala). The West is lagging behind. The name of the game for the US and the Europeans is to pull no punches to undermine China’s myriad commercial deals all across Africa.

Then there’s the inescapable Pipelineistan angle. Uganda may hold “several billion barrels of oil”, according to Heritage Oil’s Paul Atherton, part of a recent, largest-ever on-shore oil discovery in sub-Saharan Africa. That implies the construction of a $1.5 billion, 1,200 kilometer long pipeline to Kampala and the coast of Kenya. Then there’s another pipeline from “liberated” South Sudan. Washington wants to make sure that all this oil will be exclusively available for the US and Europe.”


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