Welcome to Fix the World Week. Each entry this week will be devoted to making the world a better place.

For me.


I’m done, for the most part, with Fix the World Week.  It started as a fun little experiment that I decided to do on a whim, but what I tried to make a fun satire piece using a negative ranty style just turned into negative rants without the fun.

But before I put this completely out to pasture, I do want to leave you with one more mission: support good local music and good local comedy.

By that I mean good. Do your part to exercise some quality control. Don’t like what you saw? Don’t go back. There’s no need to frustrate yourself with something you don’t enjoy simply because it’s local. Simply being there/here was never enough, and it still isn’t, and it never should be.

But if you go to enough shows, you’ll find something. You’ll find new bands, new singer-songwriters, and new stand-up comics that you’ll enjoy. Then you can follow them and support them.

For my part, I’ll be putting on shows with these good local comics and, if this little experiment at the end of July works out, good local singer-songwriters as well.

So keep it tuned here. I’ll be promoting things you might like.

It’s going to be a good summer.

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One Response to Fix the World Week: Support (Good) Local Music & Comedy

  1. Chris H says:

    I actually liked the series.  Snark done well can be really, really funny and informative.  

    Evidence: George Carlin.

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