hosted by Kevin Marshall
with music by Jed Davis

Join Jed Davis (the J) and Kevin Marshall (the K) for an evening of comedy, music, and performance! Featuring stand-up comedy from William Hughes, Henry Phillips, and much more. Part of Troy Night Out

WHERE: The Daily Grind (4th St., Troy NY)
WHEN: Friday, July 27th @ 8:30pm

HOW MUCH: Pay What You Will (suggested donation: $5)‎


  1. Pay what you will DOES mean free if you can’t afford it. Or even if you can drop literally a couple bucks. Five dollars is only suggested; not mandatory! And we will not pressure anyone. We’ll even accept candy.
  2. This show fits the gap between the TNO activities that normally end a little after 8 and the Official Unofficial TNO After-Party at Daisy Baker’s that doesn’t kick off until about 9:30 or so.
  4. Make sure you go to to get a preview (and hopefully download!) his new album, “Small Sacrifices Must Be Made!”


Speaking of that last one, you can listen to Jed’s new album streaming RIGHT NOW! Check it out:




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One Response to Now streaming: Jed Davis’s new album; more on Friday’s show & comedy & such

  1. J. Eric Smith says:

    You need to take this pairing on the road. Specifically, on the road to Iowa. And bring some 80 degree weather with you when you come. Thanks. 

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