Sup bro,

As of right now, you’re reading an email women NEVER want you to get.

Why, you ask?

This one trick turns women absolutely under your control – and you and I both know chicks like to think they’re in control, so the trick I’m about to share CANNOT be shown to any chick you aren’t using it on. You must promise to keep this secret.

I’m dead serious, it doesn’t matter if you’re fat or ugly, what amounts you make or even how uncertain you may be around chicks today. Confidence that’s dripping with sex is literally a simple mind trick away.

This video will explain the trick in detail:


Learn this 1-step skill – and you’ll never have to sleep alone again. Don’t screw up your chance!


“Bro, I hope I never have to sleep alone again.” – A bro to another bro at a bar where the DJ is Pauly D from “Jersey Shore.”

I don’t know about emails women never want me to get, but I know the email I never want to get has the salutation “Sup bro”.



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