This was an awful idea and it sounds like garbage.

On the plus side, this is so bad that we can, for the most part, avoid that lengthy and tired discussion about whether or not this band is “back” or still “has it.”

Guys, please, just tour. Thanks.

On a semi-related note, I listened to Anthrax’s new album “Worship Music” on Spotify and boy do I love it. And the critics seem to be as pleasantly surprised as I am.


3 Responses to Premature evaluation of Lou Reed and Metallica’s collaboration

  1. Ghost of Maureen says:

    Metal Machine Music, Part Deux

  2. Ski says:

    That sounded like bad kareoke.

  3. TexasPynchon says:

    can’t be any worse than Lou Reeds 80s album ‘Mistrial’

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