WHAT: Nitty Gritty Slam
…WAIT, WHAT?: It’s a Slam Poetry event that started two weeks ago.
OH COOL. WHEN IS IT?: Sign up begins at 7:00pm. There’s a brief Open Mic at 7:30pm and the event proper starts at 8:00pm.
WHERE IS IT?: Valentine’s in Albany on New Scotland Ave.
IS THERE A COVER?: 5 smackers, only 3 with a Student ID. It’s more than worth it.
IS THIS A REGULAR THING?: Yep, first and third Tuesdays of every month.
WHAT’S THE TURNOUT LIKE?: For the last event it was fantastic. I didn’t think we’d get that sort of reaction and enthusiasm for a slam poetry event in Albany, and was especially surprised at the quality of the participants. I guarantee you it’s going to be a great time.
OH MAN. NOT COOL. YOU WERE WAY HARSH.: Look, think of me like a quality teacher. If I give you a poor grade, it’s because you phoned it in and it shows and I know you can do better. Besides, there’s too much positive reinforcement and glad-handing in various communities around here. If you don’t want to be graded, go slam your Momma.
IF I GO THERE AND COMPETE, CAN I ASK YOU ABOUT MY SCORE AFTERWARDS?: Sure. But it’ll be like asking how you performed after you had sex with someone and failed to bring them to orgasm. It’s super off-putting and kinda sad.
WHATEVER, JERK. IS THERE A WEBSITE?: Yes! NittyGrittySlam.com.

All Over Albany has a good little piece on the first round. For a taste, here’s video of the last Slam’s winner, Tammy Poe, who was just fantastic.

The Nitty Gritty Slam is brought to you by Albany Poets, Urban Guerrila Theater, and the Frequency North Reading Series.

Go get some culture in you.

One Response to The Nitty Gritty Slam returns tonight at Valentine’s with special guest judge…ME

  1. Thanks for write-up. More importantly thank you for supporting by coming out to the shows and being a judge. It means a lot to me and the whole team.

    Good luck in your blogging future as you go Indy.

    Dain Brammage

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