While perusing blogs for some background on a post I’m working on for Mixed Marshall Arts, I came across this gem from photographer Tracy Lee:


The facial reaction of the guy in the upper left-hand corner is priceless.

Please provide your own captions (other than the obvious “F’real, son?”).


3 Responses to No surprise: Snooki at a UFC event gets some strange looks

  1. Dain Brammage says:

    She is looking better, but I still wouldn’t fuck her with your dick.

  2. Chuck Miller says:

    He wasn’t sure at first, but once he stared into Snooki’s right ear, he actually did clearly see the guy through the other side of her head.

  3. Roz Nella Cucina says:

    Good call, Dain Brammage. The case of Jersey Shore uses Valtrex by the case.

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