Two teens involved in gang assault (re: four kids jumped two kids at a party, lest anyone think this involved actual gang activity) were in court and got a talking to from the judge, who in his attempt to look tough and stern instead came across as a woefully out of touch curmudgeon .

These choice quotes from Judge Crabby Appleton Robert Jacon, courtesy Jordan Carleo-Evangelist of the Times Union:

Last week, Jacon asked two other teens who pleaded guilty to the attacks about pot use and felt he did not get honest answers.

“What’s going on up at that high school?” the judge asked Monday. “Is everybody smoking pot up there? There must be a cloud of smoke around the whole place.”

These goddamn kids, they’re smoking the mara juwana and it’s making them LIE and beat each other up!

“I want you to knock off this stuff,” Jacon said. “If you don’t, I am going to put an ankle bracelet on you and it won’t look like something you’ll see in Vogue magazine.”

And I don’t even know what that means!

By the way, when you come across kids from all walks of life with no respect for legal authority? This is why.

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3 Responses to Rensselaer County Court, the right honorable Judge Crabby Appleton presiding

  1. Leigh Cummings says:

    What a buzzkill.

  2. Rob Madeo says:

    If Jacon ever loses his judge gig he can go to work writing jokes for Jennifer Gish.

  3. ErinsDad says:

    Does Maximum Bob have a subscription to Vogue?

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