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The only other time professional boxers and brothers Shawn and Shannon Miller fought on the same card, it was for the former’s (and younger of the two) professional debut. On December 16th they’ll share the bill for a second time, but with greater significance for both. And not just because it’s Shannon’s return after a self-imposed retirement.

Both will fight on December 16th at The Egg in Albany to raise money for KOLD, or Knock Out Liver Disease, an organization started by Shannon to assist others financially that suffer from liver disease. Both Shawn and Shannon will donate their entire purses to the foundation, as well as a percentage of all ticket and t-shirt sales.

The idea came to Shannon after he donated sixty percent of his liver to his Uncle Ray last year. It was the hope of doctors that the surgery would repair the damage done by his uncle’s liver cancer and restore him to health.

Staying true to his reputation inside the ring, Shannon recovered much sooner than expected. Unfortunately, months after the operation, doctors found that Ray’s cancer had spread. Even still, Shannon’s sacrifice did not go unnoticed by those around him, and it gave his Uncle a fighting chance and time he otherwise would not have had.

“Nothing is promised and ever 100%,” Shawn recently told me. “But we’re hopeful.”

Now the Miller brothers want to give that gift of hope to others fighting the disease.

“We both look forward to make this reach people in their quest to beat liver disease,” Shawn told me. “Help them with money and anything else that comes with [it].”

It’s their hope that KOLD will do just that, and you can be a part of it by buying tickets for the event.

The event goes down on Friday, December 16th. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling (518) 527-2331. Prices start at $40 for General Admission with floor, ringside, and VIP tables also available.

The two are also looking for sponsors. If you own an area (or national) business and want to help, please go to this website’s contact page.

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8 Responses to Brothers and fighters Shawn & Shannon Miller get KOLD on December 16th

  1. Phil says:

    When are people going to stop glorifying the Millers? One can’t get past four rounds after 3 years of “development fights” and the other is just boring to watch as are most heavies.

    I’d google KOLD before I bought a T-shirt or put money in a jar. I couldn’t find any such foundation and at Miller-sponsored events there is always a request for a “donation”, plenty of collection jars and T-shirts. Where does that money go?

    • Anonymous says:

      KOLD was just started up. So you’re likely not to find much on Google for a brand new organization. In addition to internet search engines, a little bit of common sense also will go a long way towards helping you to function in your day to day life. You should try it sometime!

      I’ll stop “glorifying” the Millers when they stop being genuinely good people.

  2. Phil says:

    Don’t misinterpret!! Go see ARES. They have several really good up and coming young fighters in their stable like Javy Martinez and “The Stinger”.

    The Millers just don’t fit into the category of young, up and coming or exciting. I’m going to see the new faces in Capital District boxing!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Stay classy!

      • Phil says:

        Enough with the Miller worship. Seriously. There ARE other fighters.I don’t see how, given the obvious, that people still have this cult-like fascination with fighters who haven’t progressed. It’s boxing not Teen Beat.

        And ya know what? Last I looked we all had First Amendment rights. No need to get defensive or hostile.

        Got a guy crush or something?

  3. Phil says:

    Guess you take off comments so you can keep yourself looking “classy”.

    Before I’d rush to judgement on a charitable organization, I’d at least make a cursory glance into whether or not they are a legit 503(c) organization. That’s unless you like handing your money to people. That is common sense. It’s also intelligent.

    If people choose to ignore the obvious in the Millers’ records, that’s their choice. I just like boxing. To see a guy prance around on his 5th four round fight gets boring. The last one didn’t go well at all. It just gets boring. I like the real deal.

    I’ll leave you to your blog. I’ve got a job to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, I tried e-mailing you but obviously the e-mail addresses you’re giving are phony, so I’ll say it here:

      1. You’re an idiot and you’re obviously just trolling, so I’m only going to give this so much attention as it warrants. As such…
      2. It’s a blog post about a charity event. Stop acting like a scumbag.

      Have fun at that alleged job! Lookit you.

    • Anonymous says:

      And in the future, don’t try to publicly accuse (especially on the site of someone who’s known them literally for years) people of running a charity as a scam – which is deplorable and wholly unfounded – and then act like you’re somehow above the fray. What the Hell is wrong with you? And what do you do at your job so I can avoid having to know that my health potentially falls into your hands?

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