I keep seeing this Folgers commerical on Hulu. Apparently it’s a couple years old.

The story, from what I can gather:

A man comes home to his family. He’s been in “West Africa,” because Africa you see is not a gigantic continent full of various ethnicities and peoples whose differences tear asunder small nations forced together by artificial borders, but rather one big country called Africa. Full of, you know, black people.

So he was out in West Africa helping the West Black People not become miserable and non-white. First he comes to the door to meet his sister, who immediately identifies herself as Sister and gives him a big hug.

Things get weird around the 30 second mark, when West African Jesus and Sister start acting like they want to have sex with each other until their spot is blown up by their parents:

Apparently, the best part of waking up is preventing your children from engaging in incest.


3 Responses to Folgers would like you to have sex with your brother this holiday season

  1. Yeah, we only want TV ads were siblings hate each other, or are at least cold or distant.

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