I’ve written in the past that Rick Perry was George W. Bush but without the charm or charisma. I was, admittedly, being far too kind to the man who has had more work done on his face than all four Presidents on Mount Rushmore combined. I was relieved to see, though, that the guy at least has a sense of humor about himself.

Check out this great video he did for Funny or Die:

In the video, Perry lampoons and satires the public perception of him as a clownish, glad-handing doof who shouldn’t be trusted to handle a head of lettuce let alone the affairs of an entire state or country. He also delves into the misperception of him as affably bigoted, woefully uninformed, and boastfully ignorant.

The best line comes, though, when he goes into broader territory that accuses Obama of engaging in a fictional “war on faith” and claims that children are no longer allowed to celebrate Christmas. I groaned a little bit at the copy, because the portrayal of a politician on the far Right as paranoid with delusions of oppression is overplayed and hacky. Perry’s delivery, though, is so earnest that it makes up for it and had me falling out of my seat.

Who needs SNL parodies when you have Rick Perry around to parody himself?

Also, hey, doesn’t Funny or Die usually have their graphic at the beginning and/or end of their videos or some sort of acknowledgement that it’s a joke? And why isn’t this on their site anywhere at all or even their YouTube page? Weird.

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