Okay, firstly, start the video at the :18 second mark. I want you to get a load of the guy who gets a kiss on the head from the adorable girl sitting next to him but can’t be bothered to take his eyes off the image of himself on the JumboTron.

Then, a few seconds later, we get the awkward marriage proposal. While I feel awful for the guy, I also can’t help but wonder what he was thinking proposing to her at a college basketball game in a 3/4ths empty arena.

Also – and maybe I’m alone in this – but this is just the sort of thing I absolutely wouldn’t do at a public event. It’s not even a matter of potential for public embarrassment or shame. I just feel like something that momentous should either be a private moment shared by the two of you, or something shared with only those very closest to you. Again, no fault towards those that think otherwise, but that’s my two cents.

And I won’t ever become a viral video after someone says no.

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2 Responses to Another awkward and embarrassing public marriage proposal rejection:

  1. The cynical part of me wonders if this wasn’t staged. In a mostly- empty arena like this, I’m surprised the girl wouldn’t fake it or if really upset- start crying or something. Who has her wits and is angry enough to literally storm off? Dodged a bullet, pal!

    But for the real deal, I agree. Though I’ve always liked the idea of a surprise engagement party being planned by the bf for directly following a PRIVATE proposal.

  2. Jona Favreau says:

    now this is what I’m talking about..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJWlavnM6b0&feature=related… minus the dancing, and singing, and ugly dress, and forced actual marriage. it still made me cry. 

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