From the 2012 Metroland Readers’ Poll:

Best Comedian

1. Greg Aidala

2. Jaye McBride

3. (TIE) Kevin Marshall, Vernon Payne

We’ve often written about Greg Aidala in the context of his entrepreneurial showbiz skills; here, your votes allow us to point out how very funny he is.

Not bad for a guy who started in July and had his first non open mic gig in November!

I’m also very, very happy with the company I’m in. It being a local scene, I of course know them all, but also count each individually as actual friends as well. All very funny, insightful comics who are worth your time. Check ‘em out.

And thanks to those of you who voted!

  • Roger Green

    congrats!  hope the power doesn’t go to your head…