Hey guys! The show I did in Lenox, MA last night was part of a series called The Happy Fun Time All-Star Comedy Variety Show. It’s curated by Thomas Attila Lewis, who OBVIOUSLY has a VERY good eye for talent.

In all seriousness, the show was top to bottom great last night and I’m sure subsequent installments will be every bit as good. Give them a like, particularly if you ever find yourself in that area.


As you saw if you visited earlier today, I have another show coming up this Saturday, May 5th, where I’m featuring for national headliner Phil Selman.

The show’s at Savannah’s at 1 South Pearl Street in Albany, NY. Doors open at 6:30pm, show starts at 7:30pm. The cost is $15 for the show; $25 for the show plus dinner plus reserved VIP seating. I know the cost is a bit steep for some of you reading this, but with all the free shows I do, I think it’s more than fair. Also, there’ll be some new material.

Opening the show is Kristin VanSteemburg, a comedian who I really enjoy but is sadly leaving the area. And by leaving the area I mean this whole goddamn side of the Atlantic, as she’s soon moving to Belgium. Seriously. This could be your last chance to see her, both because she’s moving and because I’m pretty sure Belgium is a dangerous place where people drop like flies. Well, I assume as much anyway, because it’s a foreign land.


After that my calendar’s empty, although limited to weekends until I go into a cage to get punched in the face by a stranger on May 12th. After that, I’m wide open!

If you own or manage an establishment or are organizing an event and like to book me for a show, click here.



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