Come out and see me drop bombs on the mic! Comedy bombs, that is.

Come out and see me drop bombs on the mic! Comedy bombs, that is.


Friday, April 27th
The Comedy Gold Showcase
The Mine (Broadway, Saratoga NY)
8:00pm; FREE
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Sunday, April 29th
Happy Funtime All-Star Variety Show
Rumpy’s Tavern (16 Church St., Lenox MA)
8:00pm; FREE
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Saturday, May 5th
Phil Spelman featuring Kevin Marshall
Comic Syndrome @ Savannah’s (1 South Pearl St., Albany NY)
7:30pm; $15 ($25 w/ food)

 Saturday, May 12th
Cage Wars
Kevin Marshall gets his ass beat in an amateur boxing bout
@ The Saratoga Springs City Center (522 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY)
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Yeah, that last one’s happening. Last update I had is that I have an opponent, it’s also going to be his first fight, and it should be confirmed hopefully soon. Once that happens and I know it’s a definite, I’ll let people know when/how to get tickets. Well, I think you should get them anyway because it’ll be an entertaining show regardless, but yeah.

The reaction from some people to this has been…interesting, to say the least.

To be honest, I wasn’t going to tell anyone at all I was doing it until after the event. I found out very early on that this was going to be impossible, so about three weeks ago I told a handful of people and finally broke the news to my mother, the one person whose reaction I was most concerned about, last week.

This is something that I’ve been mulling for over a year now, but the timing and circumstances were never right for it. I’m engaged in training now, know what to expect, and know the dangers and risks. This isn’t something I decided to do just to do it, not realizing what I was getting into. Some have insinuated or directly stated as such, which from some sources was laughable and others was heartbreaking. The idea that I, as an adult, wouldn’t know what I was getting into in an amateur boxing match and would go in fully unprepared is both upsetting and especially insulting to my intelligence.

Of course it’s dangerous. Sometimes people do dangerous things because they feel compelled to or have a self-destructive streak in them. I certainly have the latter; anyone that knows me intimately and/or for longer than the last six years could certainly attest to that. I can’t disregard that it’s a factor. But to say I have no idea that I’ll get hurt, that I’m unprepared to take a beating? That’s ludicrous.

But more than anything, I’ve had a nagging desire to do something like this for some time. When I started training at NY Boxing, it increased, particularly knowing I’d have guys like Shawn and Shannon Miller in my corner. Both have been of great assistance in preparing me and especially looking out for me. If it were anyone else, I’d be a lot more hesitant. But with those two having my back and in my corner, I know I’m at least in good hands. These are guys who I know and trust, and have seen them looking out for me. They made it clear from day one that they wouldn’t and won’t put me in a situation they don’t think I’d be prepared for.

In short, I’m serious. I wanted to do it for some time. Then, one day, I went in and sparred with someone for the first time. I got hit with a hard right that opened up my lip and dazed me. I don’t think the guy I was sparring with could see it, but a big smile hit my face. Getting hit and coming back from it gave me a rush that I haven’t had since I went sober. That’s the moment that it went from curiosity to urge.

So I understand if you’re a family member or a friend and you’re concerned, but I know what this is and I’m prepared to face it. I know I’m in good hands, but that doesn’t mean I’m ignorant of all the risks associated with this. I’m doing it because I want and need to, for myself.

I won’t ask that you understand, because if you can’t and won’t, that’s on you and there’s nothing I’m going to say that will change that.

See you at the shows.

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3 Responses to Upcoming Performance Dates and Why I’m Fighting

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with it.  It’s healthy and normal and humans have been doing it for thousands and thousands of years.  It’s only recently that we’ve gotten this idea that we should shuck off all our anxiety with drugs and you’re weird if you’re aggressive.

    My only question is if you have any fighting experience outside that sparring you mention and normal kid fights, e.g. wrestling, judo, karate, etc.?

    Congrats.  Let us know how it goes; you might inspire others, including myself, to give it a try.

    • kevinmarshall says:

      Thanks, Chris, and will do.

      No, unfortunately I don’t have any fighting experience outside of the boxing training I’ve been doing with the Millers on and off the last couple years . I’ve tried Judo and BJJ here and there, really enjoyed but could never afford it. Always (and last time I checked still is) out of my price range.

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