Tomorrow, I fight.

Today, I’m hungry.

It was decided from the outset that the fight would be at or near my walking weight. At the time I first fully committed to it, that was 176. So I said “let’s do 170.” In the last few weeks of training, I’ve actually managed to drop down to a steady 172. Last night, after my workout, I was at 170 and a hair. I don’t even have to be right on the button, but for me, I set a goal for myself and I want to meet that goal even if I could still fight a few pounds over.

As a result, I haven’t eaten today. I have had a lot of caffeine. Apologies if this is rambling. That’s why.

I’m not going to wax poetic or anything. That’s not why I did this. I know some guys who have done this sort of thing to write about the experience, apeing a fighters’ experience for the sake of writing a poor imitation of a George Plimpton piece. For this, I didn’t even journal it. You’ll notice that, aside from my explanation of why I’m doing this, I haven’t even blogged about it (to give you an idea – this blog is nothing other than a space for me to get stuff out, hence why I give people quizzical looks when they ask about it or act as if it’s something I write for anybody other than myself). So you’ll be spared that piece that tries to get into the instincts and mindset of fighters, to bring you into the world vis a vis me. I can’t and won’t do that because, quite frankly, it’d be facetious. I’m training with Shannon Miller, and in the days leading up to the fight, he’s been trumpeting the line that anyone who gets in there, win or lose, is a fighter. I politely disagree with that assertion, at least in my case. I don’t think one fight can or will qualify me as a fighter in the eyes of anyone, and if it does, it certainly won’t qualify it in my own eyes. Right now, and even after tomorrow night, I consider myself a tourist. I’m putting on gloves and headgear and smiling in front of the statue of Liberty and visiting the Eiffel Tower.

That said, mentally, I’m more excited for this than I’ve even been in my entire life, with the notable exception of my stand-up comedy performances. I want to get in there and throw. I want to hit and get hit. Win, lose, or draw, I want to battle.

I know deep down that if I lose it won’t be the end of the world, but it will probably feel like it if it does come to that. But I’m not prepared to lose. I’m only prepared to win.

Work’s done. Time to go to weigh-ins. See you tomorrow night at the Saratoga Springs City Center. Tickets are $30 General Admission. Hope you can make it.


UPDATE 5:45pm: Was just notified by Shannon that my opponent won’t make weigh-ins tonight, and instead we’ll be weighing in tomorrow on-site at the City Center.

UPDATE 9:20pm: Just confirmed that we are ON for tomorrow. LET’S DO THIS!

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