Every time I think I’ve heard or seen the worst thing in the world, the internet pops up and is like “OH YEAH WELL HOW ABOUT THIS?!”

I don’t even have the words, except to say that this shit put me on the verge of a nervous breakdown like Michael Douglas’s character in “Falling Down.” It makes the Wrestlerock Rumble look like Deadly Combination.

Here’s my own rap:
My name’s Kevin Marshall AND I’M IN A RAGE
I want Riff Raff and I WANT HIM IN A CAGE

See the shit for yourself. If you dare.


One Response to Kitty Pryde and Riff Raff are Here to Ruin Music Forever

  1. Chuck Miller says:

    Wait a minnit – there’s a new song by an X-Man mutant and the guy from the Rocky Horror Picture Show? 

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